Does Organic Really Matter?

Does Organic Really Matter?

Does Organic Really Matter?

It's a debate that consumers always question: does organic really make a difference?

Yes. It does.

Bibim Paws chooses to use only organic, whole food ingredients in all of our products and for a good set of reasons that not only benefits our pets but our planet.

Debunking “alternate facts” about pesticides used in organic farming | The  Organic & Non-GMO Report

To start, the use of pesticides and chemicals on crops causes high levels of heavy metals and chemicals to be present in our food. And these pesticides have been linked to Leukemia, Parkinson's and so many more diseases. Imagine the negative effect this must also have on our pets.

Also the use of pesticides depletes the soil of any nutrients and weakens plants that try to build a resistance to bugs and weeds.

Factory Farming - Farm Sanctuary

Secondly, the overuse of antibiotics and hormones on farm animals is concerning for both the animals and humans on this planet. The rise of antibiotic resistance is growing and some are beginning to see the correlation between the meat that we are consuming that has been treated with these medications. Not only is this a major concern, but the farm environment that farm animals are compacted and squeezed into is also very concerning. The rise of diseases that spread between farm animals due to poor, unsanitary conditions is not only inhumane, but is a dangerous environment for diseases to spread outside of the farms to our tables.

Feeling the Heat: Factory Farming and Climate Change | ASPCA

And lastly, the impact of factory farming and pesticides on our environment is another major cause for concern. The amount of chemicals that leech into the soil and our water is harming the planet and causing pollutants to contaminate the food, water and air we breathe. These chemicals and waste from our farms do not just disappear, they need to exit somewhere and end up back on our plates at the end of the day.

This is why we push for organic ingredients in all of our products. Not only for the health of our pets, but for ourselves and our planet. Hopefully, we can help continue to make a change in the pet food industry and also change the way we source and view our food for the better.

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