Behind the ♡.

Meet Joyce Kang, the founder and driving force behind Bibim Paws:


The quest for healthier and natural pet products began with my first two dogs.

My first dog Gigi became severely ill after feeding her commercial dog food that was later announced in a recall. I thought I would never fall victim to a pet food recall, but I did and it was one of the most horrifying experiences I’ve had to deal with. As her health took a turn for the worst, I tried everything I could to find a cure for her. Conventional vets said there was nothing they could do for her except prescribe more antibiotics, painkillers and anti-nausea medication. My world came crumbling down and I was by Gigi’s side 24/7. She wouldn’t eat or drink so I spent hours everyday blending up anything she could eat and feeding her through a tube. I researched natural remedies and visited several holistic vets and found natural solutions to ease some of her pain but she never made a full recovery and passed several weeks later.

My second dog Blue had a long history battling skin infections and allergies. I took him to countless specialists and nobody had an answer or cure other than just prescribing him stronger antibiotics and steroids. I tried feeding him special kibble prescribed by my vet and high grade kibble at the pet store but nothing was working. Eventually his skin infections become resistant to all the antibiotics that were available and he fell severely ill and passed.

Soon thereafter, I began working with cats and dogs as a pet sitter and over the 10 years during my pet care work, I began to notice a pattern of sickness and illness in a lot of the pets I was working with. Kidney failure, obesity and cancer were the main diagnoses.

On the other hand, I had some clients who were feeding their pets fresh, homemade diets and used only holistic medicine. These pets had no health issues and had lots of energy even at old age. It wasn’t just a coincidence, but I began to realize the impact their diets had on their livelihood. The pets who were fed the same processed food their entire lives began showing signs of illness as their diet was taking a toll on their health. I began discussing with several veterinarians the connection between food and the rise of illnesses affecting pets and they all agreed that fresher food would definitely be a healthier and safer option for all pets.

I then made the decision to continue my research into natural and safer alternatives for my pets’ health. I began cooking homemade food for my pets with the help of holistic veterinarians and pet nutritionists that I was consulting with. I knew there was something wrong with the current state of the pet food industry. Dried, processed kibble stuffed in bags and cans that are then sitting on shelves for months cannot be the “norm” for our pets. The sickness and horror that I experienced with my first two dogs and the countless other pets I cared for was a huge warning sign pointing directly at the current food and products present in the pet industry.

I hope pet owners realize that the same attitude we have towards what we put in our bodies should be the same for our pets. Fresher, cleaner food and natural products is the best preventative against illness and the first step towards a healthy, longer life. I hope we can break this cycle of ignorance and inform ourselves of the real dangers behind the pet food industry and find alternate natural remedies for our pet’s illnesses instead of relying on the over-prescription of drugs that may lead to adverse reactions down the road.

This is how Bibim Paws was born. At Bibim Paws, we strive to use only organic, holistic and natural ingredients in all of our products just the way nature intended. All of our food is made in small batches and fresh everyday. We maintain high standards in everything we put out for your pets and ours. I hope we can change your pet’s health for the better so you can cherish more days together with the paws you love. 



It Starts with the Food

Eating too much processed food has serious consequences for humans and our pets are no exception to this rule. Bibim Paws believes all pets need real, fresh food to live happier and healthier lives. So we came up with a simpler way to provide a fresh option for pet owners and our furry friends.
Bibim (bee-bim) means "to mix" in Korean. We took a spin off of the classic Korean dish Bibim-Bap and made a fresh and tasty version for our furry friends.
In our USDA inspected kitchen based in Los Angeles, we gently cook all of our food in small batches guaranteeing no loss in nutritional value. Our recipes only contain organic and human grade ingredients that we source from local farmers in the USA (so no mystery products from China). The meat we use in our recipes are certified humane ensuring the ethical and humane treatment of farm animals.
No grains, fillers or other junk to fool you. All of our recipes consist of organic meat, organic produce and whole food ingredients. We only use the highest quality ingredients in our products so we do not need to include synthetic vitamins and minerals. Our recipes are fully balanced and filled with nutrient dense ingredients to supply our pets with the right vitamins and minerals that come from whole food sources, just as nature intended.
Bibim Paws donates 3% of every purchase to animal shelters and rescues across the nation. ♡