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Find us at Hanks

Our organic + fresh bowls and treats are now available in store at Hank's Organic in the Los Angeles Arts District!

Hank's Organic

661 Imperial St

Los Angeles, CA 90291

Real pets recognize real food.

"You are what you eat" rings true for both humans and our fellow pets. Eating the same over-processed, dried food that is filled with synthetic supplements and preservatives shouldn't be the answer for our pet's need for real, fresh food.

So we developed the first + only fresh pet food with the help of board certified vet nutritionists + holistic vets that uses certified organic, humane, whole food ingredients without any synthetic supplementation, artificial additives or preservatives.

No paws left behind.

We believe every pet deserves a chance to shine because every paw has love to share.
To help homeless pets get the spotlight and support they need, we donate 1% of every sale to local shelters and rescues nationwide.

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We absolutely love the cod liver oil for our French bulldog Hammy! After a few weeks we noticed his coat was softer and shinier than it was before! It was easy to put on top of his food! We even noticed some prior redness he had around his belly that went away, and he stopped scratching that area!

Mikey (Hamburger's Dad)

Bosco's gas issues and digestive issues with wet poop has been solved! No more wearing gas mask from gas bomb from Bosco! Picky eater Miss Precious gets so excited during feeding time and finishes the whole bowl each meal. Bibim Paws made mommy and fur kids meal days fun and healthy!