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Bibim Paws was founded by long time pet lover Joyce Kang after losing her first dog, Gigi, to a pet food recall.

In 2012, Gigi became extremely ill and passed away after eating from a bag of dog food that was later announced in a massive recall. She took Gigi to multiple vets but no one could help reverse the damage the food had already done. Her health continued to decline rapidly and she passed away shortly after. This is when Joyce began researching and looking into the pet food industry. She found the horrible truth behind what really goes into commercial pet food. The lack of regulation and the poor quality control of ingredients that are used to produce kibble and other pet food products were alarming. Joyce began to realize why these recalls were happening so frequently and causing many pets to become ill or die.

She then decided that she would begin cooking her pet food at home with fresh, quality ingredients and with the help of holistic vets and nutritionists. As years went by, she began noticing a positive change in her pets’ health with a fresh food diet. Not only was it a safer alternative to commercial pet food, but her pets’ energy and weight began to improve dramatically as well.

And this is how Bibim Paws was born. Our mission is to help inform other pet owners about the dangers of commercial pet food and bridge the gap between real food and pet food. We believe all pets need real, fresh food to live happier and healthier lives. So we came up with a simpler way to provide a fresh option for pet owners and our furry friends.
Bibim (bee-bim) means "to mix" in Korean. We took a spin-off of the classic Korean dish Bibim-Bap and made a fresh and tasty version for our furry friends.
In our USDA inspected kitchen based in Los Angeles, we gently cook all of our food in small batches guaranteeing no loss in nutritional value. Our recipes only contain organic and human grade ingredients that we source from local farmers in the USA (so no mystery products from China). The meat we use in our recipes are certified humane ensuring the ethical and humane treatment of farm animals.
No grains, fillers or other junk to fool you. All of our recipes consist of organic meat, organic produce and whole food ingredients. We only use the highest quality ingredients in our products so we do not need to include synthetic vitamins and minerals. Our recipes are fully balanced and filled with nutrient dense ingredients to supply our pets with the right vitamins and minerals that come from whole food sources, just as nature intended.

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