Are all meats created equal?

Are all meats created equal?

Are all meats created equal?

As we begin our launch of fresh, organic raw bowls, we wanted to explore the topic of raw meat.

A lot of pet owners have differences in opinion when it comes to feeding raw or cooked. The issue around cleanliness and bacteria is a topic that concerns many pet owners who are looking into feeding their pet's raw food.

So are there risks when feeding your pets raw meat?

Yes! We want to be as honest as possible when it comes to what we produce and also shed a light on the industry of meat production.

The issue with handling and serving our pets raw meat is the risk of exposing ourselves and our pets to the bacteria that is present in raw food.

All raw meat do contain levels of bacteria if not cooked properly, but studies have shown that organic meats were 56 percent less likely to harbor multidrug-resistant bacterial contamination compared to conventional meat.

Why is there a difference?

Because conventional meat is mass produced in factory farms and facilities that are not regularly inspected so the issues around cleanliness and contamination are high. Also most conventional farms inject or feed their farm animals with antibiotics to combat illnesses that spread within their farms. Then these antibiotics are then passed down in the meat that are then sold to consumers.

On the other hand, meat that comes from certified organic farms must comply with strict standards including no antibiotic use (feed included) and their farms/facilities are inspected regularly to ensure cleanliness and that the organic guidelines are being met.

How can I reduce my risk of exposure to dangerous bacteria in raw food?

  • Be knowledgeable about where your pet's meat is sourced from because cleanliness and contamination can greatly reduce the risk of exposure.
  • Always wash and clean your hands, utensils, pet bowls and other surfaces that have touched raw meat.
  • Immediately dispose or refrigerate uneaten raw food if leftover in bowls.
  • Always pick up your dog's poop because this can also spread the bacteria from the raw meat. Studies have shown that dogs who were fed a raw meat diet also shed the same resistant bacteria in their poop which can spread to other dogs and people. So please pick up your poop!

Again, we always want to be transparent with our products and hope more pet owners can learn about the importance of sourcing and organic ingredients. Raw can be a great, fresh option for some but please be extra cautious and know your meats!



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