It May Be Fluffy

It May Be Fluffy

It May Be Fluffy

Can we tell what's really in pet food based on the label?

"There's no way we can really tell that...if the ingredient says meat and bone meal -- you'll know if that's cattle, sheep or horse... or Fluffy." - Hersh Pendell, Former AAFCO President

Many consumers believe and think that the pet food industry must have some form of regulation or rules. They do BUT these regulations and rules can easily be bypassed and broken because the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) do not actually review or approve each pet food product on the market.

This gives companies many loopholes that they can jump through to make the most cost effective product for pet food consumers, which is a scary thought to think about especially if there are no actual agencies that physically review and audit every ingredient that is being used.

Some alarming ingredients that may be in your pet's food include: diseased animals (by-products from slaughterhouses), plastic from expired food and euthanized animals (this includes cats and dogs).

Here are a few articles from other fellow pet food advocates that expose and show the reality behind the pet food ingredient business:


Slaughterhouse waste:

Plastic in pet food and feed:

Euthanized animals:

Pet food is a form of business, but not all companies can look past the dollars and cents that they are earning in order to do better for our pets. The bottom line for most of these companies is the profit that can be earned which is a sad but ugly truth that pet owners should be aware of when looking for your next bowl of pet food.

For pet owners who'd like to learn more and stay up to date with news/recalls, we recommend subscribing to Truth About Pet Food. There are tons of articles that may be beneficial for pet owners who are interested in learning more about the ins and outs of the pet food industry.

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