The Thirst is Real...Like Really Real

The Thirst is Real...Like Really Real

The Thirst is Real...Like Really Real

Don't ignore signs of excessive thirst from your pets. These signs usually appear especially in pets that are fed kibble diets. Pets become extremely thirsty on dry food because of the lack of proper hydration in the kibble. The amount of protein in dry pet food may be high, but the amount of moisture is practically none due to the drying process.

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Pets are in a constant state of dehydration when fed kibble diets which is a sign of stress on their kidneys and liver (due to the highly concentrated amounts of dried protein in the dry food). These symptoms will eventually become bigger problems as pets age. Common problems such as diabetes, kidney failure, hyperthyroidism and urinary tract diseases are some common issues that most pets have to suffer from due to lack of water intake.

Fresh pet food contains at least 80% water while dry food contains about only 10%. Switching to fresher options will help pets take in the proper water and hydration they need to maintain a healthy system.

Our pets cannot talk to us about how they're feeling so good observation and taking action is key to preventing diseases and helping them live a happy, long life. ♡

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