The Art of the Fart

The Art of the Fart

The Art of the Fart

Your pet has mastered the skill of farting, especially the silent but deadly kind. You don't know how to fix it so you just live with it. But what if the answer to your prayers was just as easy as adjusting their diet?

What might be causing excessive gas?

Your pet's diet alone may be to blame for all that flatulence. The fillers found in many commercial dog and cat foods may contain hard-to-digest ingredients such as soybeans, beans and corn. The gas that accumulates in the digestive system become foul-smelling due to the bacteria leftover from foods that were not completely digested in the stomach and small intestine.

Should I be concerned?

Excessive gas buildup is a major sign that something is wrong with your pet's digestive system. Most of the time, gas is normal but especially foul-smelling or excessive gas may warrant a trip to the vet. A checkup with your vet can help rule out other major causes such as parasites and other diseases.

How can I prevent excessive gas?

Just one of the awesome perks of feeding a fresh food diet is the reduction of excessive gas. Pets who are fed a fresh diet filled with whole foods consisting of 2/3 meat and 1/3 veggies usually never have any problems with gas because the food is easily digested with no trouble. Switching to higher quality pet food can certainly help and make progress towards a healthy digestive system.

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