SUPAW DIY Powder - Homemade Food Supplement for Dogs


Our SUPAW DIY Supplement is our Supaw Sauce in dry form!

Available in single pouches or in packs of 8.

Replace the Supaw Sauce in our recipe book with our Supaw DIY powder. Perfect for pet parents who are looking for a more convenient way to cook their pet's food at home without the need to refrigerate/freeze the sauce mix.

The Supaw DIY powder is also a great way to add a nutritional, holistic, whole food boost to your pet's bowls. Sprinkle and add this superfood supplement to your pet's meals.

As a DAILY supplement, add:
for dogs < 25 LBS: 1/4 - 1/2 TSP,

dogs > 25 LBS: 1/2 - 1 TSP

Ingredients: organic sweet potato, organic egg, organic eggshell, organic shiitake mushroom, green lipped mussel, organic kelp, organic wheatgrass, organic turmeric.

One pouch (contains about 2 tablespoons of powder) is made to supplement about 8 cups of our DIY fresh dog food.