DIY KIT for Cats - Homemade Fresh Food Kit

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Veggie Prep

This item will ship with dry ice in a curbside recyclable cooler. Ships out Mon-Wed to ensure delivery times are not delayed over the weekend.

Make your own Bibim Paws at home!

Cooking for your pets just got a whole lot easier with our Do-It-Yourself Kits.

Whether you are just starting your pet chef cooking journey or would rather have the convenience of having all ingredients delivered to your doorstep, our DIY kits are an amazing tool for pet parents looking to cook fresh food for their pets at home.

No measuring or guess work needed - all of the ingredients you need arrive portioned and ready for you to just get cooking. When done cooking, just portion and freeze to store cooked food. Thaw when ready to serve!

Each DIY Fresh Cat Food Kit comes with:

- Bibim Paws Recipe Book (easy to follow instructions)

- ground meat (ground chicken or turkey thighs)

- ground livers (chicken livers for chicken or turkey livers for turkey)

- ground hearts (chicken hearts for chicken or turkey hearts for turkey)

- zucchini, kale, green beans (whole or chopped)

- sunflower oil (naturally derived vitamin E)

And your choice of supplement:

- Supaw Sauce for Cats (fresh whole food nutrient blend) 


- Supaw DIY Powder (the Supaw Sauce in powdered form) in single serving pouches (1 pouch for every 6 cups of food)


Available in chicken or turkey.

Choose between three size options:

SMALL kit = makes about 6 cups of food

MEDIUM kit = makes about or 12 cups of food

LARGE kit = makes about 24 cups of food


Feeding Guide:

Adult cats weighing up to 11 lbs: feed 3/4 - 1 cup per day

Adult cats weighing 11-25 lbs: 1.25 - 2.5 cups per day


Find more details and recipe guidelines on our DIY page.